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This past Wednesday I went to Barneys New York for the first time. I obviously was not able to buy anything but the experience was nothing short of “decadent” nonetheless!  I was thrilled to finally step foot inside one of the greatest high-end department stores and even more excited to start my adventure in the handbag section. I was immediately captivated by the Céline collection, not only because it was the first time I had the opportunity to see the beautiful bags in person, but also because I found humor in the designs- if you look closely, the bags look like they have faces on them. Check them out above ^^^

See? Faces! As one who likes to name certain inanimate objects (my ukulele, car, etc… no shame), I thought it would be cute to name a bag if I ever got the chance to own one (you know, to put a name to a face… yeah). However, a bag worth two month’s rent is just a little out of my price range, but it was fun to look anyway. :)

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